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Cannabis Real Estate Loan

Cannabis Real Estate Finance

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Cannabis Real Estate Loans

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Although Wall Street is currently on the sidelines, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and private equity funds are active and bullish on cannabis real estate loans and equity. Daily, more and more investors join our platform seeking best-in-class sponsors.

IndoGro Capital is an online marketplace for cannabis real estate loans where borrowers can search dozens of pre-qualified cannabis real estate lenders. Input your deal data, click search, compare your offers, choose a lender.

Cannabis Real Estate Equity

Indoor cannabis cultivation can be intensely energy demanding and can burn through working capital. Along with funding your cannabis real estate loans, identify financing solutions for energy efficiency upgrades and renewables.  

Started by Cannabis Real Estate Investors

For Cannabis Real Estate Investors

IndoGro Capital was born out of a need for its sister company IndoGro Properties, a pioneering cannabis real estate investment, and development company. IndoGro's singular focus and dedication to the cannabis real estate industry have garnered critical financial relationships needed by all cannabis real estate investors.  IndoGro aims to light the way for the advancement of cannabis businesses across America. 


Cannabis Real Estate Loans



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Call us and speak with one of our expert staff and let us know the details of your deal and your capital needs.


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Our trained professionals know which lenders make the most sense for your deal, so no wasting time with a bunch of "NO's" just to get to the "YES." We start at the YES.


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Our pre-vetted lenders and investors are prepared to move as fast as you. Once you select your lender(s), the goal of all parties is to fund your deal. Well-prepared borrowers can close more quickly.

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Cannabis Real Estate Loans

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Cannabis Real Estate Loans

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Cannabis Real Estate Loans

" We make financing cannabis real estate loans really simple using A.I., computer 'bots, and other cool stuff. We thought if someone can launch their car into outer space, funding cannabis real estate loans should be easy by now."

                                                                               - The IndoGro Team

IndoGro Capital is an online platform designed exclusively for financing cannabis real estate loans. Navigating the capital markets for cannabis funding while "marijuana" is still federally prohibited can be costly, timely and frustrating. IndoGro Capitals online platform simplifies the process while simultaneously reducing costs.
The nations largest investors, banks, and institutions, are absent in the cannabis real estate loans funding marketplace and so are the efficiencies they create industry-wide. Inefficiencies in markets increase costs, which are undoubtedly passed directly to borrowers.
Private equity investors are bullish on cannabis real estate loans and equity and continue feeding the demand through debt and equity investments. The highly fragmented marketplace, on both sides, has and continues to drive up deal sourcing costs which are passed directly to borrowers. 
IndoGro Capitals platform centralizes cannabis real estate loan borrowers, investors, and lenders, immediately reducing procurement costs, saving time, and simplifying the process. Automated underwriting, unifying borrowers, and standardizing future loan products are some of the on-going efficiencies working to further drive down costs.
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